Custom Jersey

Nigeria W-Cup Hero Tee

Support your favorite country or the name of your W-Cup Hero or both with these cool custom t-shirts.  All 32 country's available and two styles of numbers with the country's flag/emblem colors or a solid two-tone number to choose from; totally customize your W-Cup tee to suit your style.

Join in the Brazilian Samba and wear your tee with pride!

Available in both Youth and Adult - YS,YM,YL,YXL,AS,AM,AL,AXL,AXXL

"Build Your Own" Prices
Tee with Country Name: $15
Custom Number with Flag Colors: $10
Standard Two Color Number: $6
Your Name: $5
Selected Hero Player Name with Number: $11
*(Hero Name & Number only available with the standard two-color number)

Once the tee’s have been customized with a number no returns will be honored.

Please fill in the following items to create your new custom
W-Cup Hero Tee.
We do not always stock all items and may have to special order from the manufacturer to fulfill your order on this team item. Please Contact Us if you'd lke to check availability before placing your order. Notification ID:Yes
ADD A CUSTOM NUMBER WITH COUNTRY FLAG COLORS - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $10
Custom Number with Country Flag Colors [Add $10.00]
ADD A STANDARD TWO COLOR NUMBER - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $6
Standard Two Color Number [Add $6.00]
ADD YOUR NAME - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $5
Your Name [Add $5.00]
ADD A HERO NAME and NUMBER - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $11
Base Price: $15.00 Customized Price: $15.00
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