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Ghana W-Cup Hero Tee

Support your favorite country or the name of your W-Cup Hero or both with these cool custom t-shirts.  All 32 country's available and two styles of numbers with the country's flag/emblem colors or a solid two-tone number to choose from; totally customize your W-Cup tee to suit your style.

Join in the Brazilian Samba and wear your tee with pride!

Available in both Youth and Adult - YS,YM,YL,YXL,AS,AM,AL,AXL,AXXL

"Build Your Own" Prices
Tee with Country Name: $15
Custom Number with Flag Colors: $10
Standard Two Color Number: $6
Your Name: $5
Selected Hero Player Name with Number: $11
*(Hero Name & Number only available with the standard two-color number)

Once the tee’s have been customized with a number no returns will be honored.

Please fill in the following items to create your new custom
W-Cup Hero Tee.
In Stock:Yes
ADD A CUSTOM NUMBER WITH COUNTRY FLAG COLORS - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $10
Custom Number with Country Flag Colors [Add $10.00]
ADD A STANDARD TWO COLOR NUMBER - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $6
Standard Two Color Number [Add $6.00]
ADD YOUR NAME - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $5
Your Name [Add $5.00]
ADD A HERO NAME and NUMBER - * Optional * Additional Fees Apply $11
Base Price: $15.00 Customized Price: $15.00
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