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Final 2 Match Ball - Puma White/Lemon Tonic/Puma Black

$59.99 CAD

A top quality Professional Match ball. The High Frequency Moulded 32 panel construction provides excellent form retention; durability and a decrease in water uptake. The Dimple III configurated PU improves the flight characteristics and also increases the shooting speed. The ball has further been reinforced with a special multilayered POE foam and polyester lining to ensure the shape and circumference stays intact. The high quality rubber bladder in combination with the PUMA AIR LOCK (PAL) valve and the PERIMETER BALANCE TECHNOLOGY (PBT) further enhances the balls flight and shooting characteristics , and air retention.The FIFA Quality Pro mark guarantees that the ball meets the highest standards required for a top quality match ball. Packaging: Poly Bag with inflation needle/

1.0mm dimpled PU outer with POE foam backing.


Last Updated: 2020/11/27 TW