Mercurial Lite Superlock Shin Guard - LASER ORANGE/WHITE/BLACK

Size: XS
Sale price$39.99


These shin guards have a sculpted rubber support that optimizes the thickness of the curvatures. The SuperLock fixes the shells to the fiber of the socks - reducing the layers and increasing the seal.

Resistant shells welded to a dense foam reinforcement which favors the dispersion of impacts.

Anatomic design that follows the profile of the shin for targeted cushioning.

SuperLock to fix the shells in K-Resin® to the fibers of the socks.


Sizes (height in cm):
S -> h.150-160 cm
M -> h.160-170 cm
L -> h.170-180 cm
XL -> h.180-195 cm 

Last updated: 2021-02-28 LHN

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